Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are Brights the new Black?
And if this summer we will take an eternal classic like the "Little Black Dress" and we will change it in "Little Bright Dress"? It is a time for a little fashion-philosophy consideration. If we pay just a little bit of attention around in New York or in Milan, or flip through magazines, or browse the fashion blogs, brights are really the new black, even though writing it sounds a paradox. I believe it has really become and developed in the must of the season. And it does not stop to dresses and clothes, but it covers shoes and accessories as we will see in my next incoming posts. 

Can we say that brights, season after season, are becoming a classic? Will brights eventually not fade away, season after season, as black does? Will brights be reinvented and reinterpreted? Will it remain a classic choice? Or it will eventually fade away by the next Spring/Summer? Even though in the imaginary brights are usually associated with eccentricity, now everyone can opt for it and it would be a trendy choice: the boldest would go for color-blocking outfits or colorful dresses. Those who like sobriety would opt for a bright or neon color bag, shoes or jewels. Whatever is the personal style, everyone in New York as well as in Milan are embracing this playful trend. And to me it has all the potential to become a new classic.

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