Friday, June 1, 2012

1 fashionable trend of the season. 2 fashion capitals. A trend face-off.

From Milan to New York City. This has been and will be my journey. And this would be an exclusive comparative research on trends from the streets of two of the major fashion capitals of the world. What is trend-ful in Milan? How does it translate in NYC? 

Let's start with the Bright Colors S/S 2012 trend. From tangerine, to fluorescent yellow, from electric blue, to emerald green a pop of color was seen everywhere during fashion weeks. 

What happens on the streets though? In Milan everyone is well known to be fashionable, chic and elegant. Being fashionable in Milan usually means conforming to the rule of wearing basic colors (black, blue, camel and white), choosing great fits and expensive fabrics, opting and showing off the well know designers labels. But I just came back from a trip there and I was quite impressed to see the that this season the bright color trend was embraced widely. The way the Milanesi are going for this is very clean and simple, adding a little bit of color especially with accessories (bags, shoes, scarves, jewels) matched with the basic neutrals. Keeping it simple, clean, classy and chic.

How is the trend lived in New York? I can anticipate that here it is embraced very differently on the streets. I see unique and highly individual interpretations of the trend. Nothing confoming to any set rule. High-street fashion everywhere. The answer and the comparison will be given post after post..

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