Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Summer is officially here, and even though the weather is going on and off these days in New York, the bright color trend does not stop at all. And in this last couple of days, maybe because the temperatures dropped a bit, after a spree of colorful dresses and shorts, ladys in the city chose not to give up the trend because of the bad weather, and are wearing the "everywhere seen" fashion trend of the season: Colored Jeans.

We've spotted them on celebrities – even one of my newest style inspiration Kate Middleton sported at the beginning of the season the famous coral jeans while playing a game of field hockey with UK's Olympic team – and when a trend is seen on the A-listers we all know it will spread very quickly. And if the trend is fun and easy-to-go-for like the colored jeans, the look will be replicated even faster.
On the streets colored jeans really can instantly boost any outfit out, whether you dress them up or down. And here a few examples of what I saw the trend on the streets - and I believe these can be good examples on how to wear it. 

Colored jeans & Neutral
You won’t go go wrong if you pair a pair of colored jeans with a black, white, cream or tan top. Any pair of bright jeans would look awesome with a white button-down dress shirt, a sheer black silk shirt, or a cream-colored cardigan sweater. This technique is a good way to feel out your new pants and ease into wearing them.


Colorblocking is a really cool trend, but I believe it is a very bold choice, and only the boldest fashionistas can really pull this off. As far as I saw on the streets, as long as you pair your colored jeans with another solid, bold color, you’ll look trendy and fun. When colorblocking, I think it looks the coolest when you combine pastels with other pastels, and bolder colors with other bolds. In the example outfit below, it is a loud electric blue and yellow blocking. 

Colored Jeans & Print
This styling tip is my favorite: pair your colored jeans with a bold print. Polka dots, nautical stripes, floral prints, leopard print or geometric prints would all look really playful and a real stylist looking outfit. This outfit below represent one of the looks I saw the most on the streets: striped blouse or t-shirt and colored jeans.

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