Sunday, June 24, 2012

A chat with a Milan style expert: Giulia Pieroni, Fashion Editor, Vogue Bambini

Read super carefully this Q&A with a very talented Fashion Editor about the Bright Color Summer trend inspirations and vibe in Milan. 

Who else can tell us all about it better than Giulia?

Can you describe your personal style?
I cannot live without vintage earrings, shirts (better if white) and lipstick. Backpack and “ventaglio” (fan). I find myself comfortable in any way, sometimes mix & matching works for me.

How does Milan inspire your day-to-day style?
Milan is a radial and circular city, there is no “one way” here. It is inspiring and the city gets inspired. It looks for the best and then it exploits it. And you can find the best only if you want to find it. There’s a very exclusive vibe.

How does your job inspire your style?
My inspiration often comes from the memories of my daily life: Sicily, Milan and my “on the road” life. Also from a leaf: "Si sta, come d'autunno, sugli alberi..." (Cit. Ungaretti, Italian poet). From there thousands of inspirations come to me.

What do you think about the current summer bold color trend? Are you wearing it? How are you wearing it?
I enjoy Sun Colors: orange and yellow. I like to wear them in a sober way.

How people in Milan are wearing this summer bold colors trend?
Milanesi are the neighbors of the fashion world, they are the first who meet the trends and they – nearly always – embrace them.

What is/are the must-have pieces for this summer in Milan?
A neon color piece. And a pleated skirt.

What are some of your favorite places to shop in Milan?  And online?
I actually don’t have any favorite place. When I feel it is the right price for the right piece, I just buy it, wherever I am in a street market or in Via della Spiga. Same thing online: I jump from one website to the other, following what I like most.

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