Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Milan, the bright color trend is all in the accessories. Chic Milanesi cannot give up the beloved monogrammed Italian designers bags, with the famous and ultra-recognizable logos like Fendi or Gucci. People in Milan are well known to opt for the classic beige/neutral nuances (like these monogrammed classic Fendi bags), declined in all possible materials from classic leather to canvas.

But this summer next to the classic color collections, designers and boutiques have introduced also the boldest colors of the season. In this pic for example, a bright yellow patent leather Dolce&Gabbana “Sicily” bag, paired with matching yellow ballet flats. This bag and shoe choice would usually be paired with very understated colors for the clothing outfit, for example all black, or black-and-white, or denim and white.

The mainstream color blocking trend in Milan is majorly focused on accessories, rather than on matching together contrasting color in clothes, or adding complementary colors for accessories as seen in New York City. The bold choice in Milan is adding color to a neutral outfit through accessories.

And matching the color of shoes and handbag would be the best way to experiment the trend. There was a time when matching your shoes and bags color used to be a hard and fast ruleEven though most stylists may say it can feel somewhat old fashioned, I believe matching shoes and handbag creates a unique and chic fashion statement, and it also adds more personality to a more basic outfit. And it certainly gives an instant polished and timeless look, whatever color you are choosing. I believe it is one of those timeless fashion choices especially if shoes and handbag color match exactly. 

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