Sunday, July 29, 2012

Color inspiration at The MET. Today I visited the successful exhibition "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible conversations"  at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This exhibition is a retrospective on the not-so-well-recalled eclectic Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada, stilista Milanese globally acclaimed for her creative minimalism. 

The exhibition opens and reiterates with videos (directed by Baz Luhrmann), in which we see these 2 fashion masters sit at two opposites of a big black table sipping champagne, and talking about their inspiration on fashion, how they envision women and their style throughout the years. 

You'll find more than 90 outfits and 30 accessories that capture the most iconic pieces of the two designers, and you will appreciate the similarities and parallelisms (“Waist Up/Waist Down”) of the two Italian designers, starting from the Twenties and Thirties for Schiapparelli, to the Eighties and contemporary for Prada. They definitely explored very similar themes (in fact the exhibition at the end leaves you with a sense that Prada has re-interpreted very clearly Schiaparelli's key styling concepts throughout the years), but the outcome of the two designers has been different as it is filled by the culture, inspiration of the era in which they have played.

If you are in NYC and you haven’t seen it so far, hurry up! It will be open just until August 19, 2012 and it is well worth the visit.

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Today is the day that in Milan everybody – and I literally mean everybody and the city becomes a “ghost city” for the entire month of August – goes in vacation, as it is the first weekend bridging into August. All my friends back in Milan are ready to leave for the beautiful beaches in Italy, or are already travelling to do so.

So, thinking about vacation time and tanning on the beach, I am thinking also about beachwear!

And in Milan everybody LOVES Calzedonia’s swimwear – which is unfortunately not available in the US. I have been a dedicated and loyal fan of their collections since they opened in 1986 in Italy and season after season they have become the most trendy, fashionable and successful Italian brand for hosiery and beachwear. So as I am not in Milan, I have missed my yearly Calzedonia’s beachwear shopping, but my mother was so nice to send me one J

Calzedonia Store - Corso Buenos Aires, Milan
Calzedonia’s beachwear for Summer 2012 is all about bright colors! My favorite collection is the one called “Raffy”, simple styles and young lines for an easy to wear bikinis to comfortably fit the body. Patterns are declined into three different models: push-up, bandeau (my all time favorite!) or triangle tops. And you can choose whatever color you prefer, as each pattern is offered in every color of the season. Raffy collection is a timeless trend for all women, with different body types, as you can mix and match different styles for top and bottoms and different sizes as well.

Calzedonia Store - Corso Buenos Aires, Milan
Below some examples of the swimwear collection for this Summer. It is not easy to find a definite one trend for the swimwear this summer, the brand likes to present various offers from bandeau bikinis (the most popular trend and I would say also the most comfortable for tanning), triangle bikinis, to more edgy paillettes bikinis. What do you think?
The bikini my mom sent me :)

The brand launched a campaign for this Summer to recycle old swimwear, in collaboration with "I: collect Ag", a company that operates in the field of environmentally compatible recycling.
Until June 30, all types of swimwear for men, women and children, regardless of brand - and not necessarily purchased from Calzedonia - would be revived in the form of insulating material for buildings, share rubbery carpets, upholstery. But even stuffing of toys, bags or rags for cleaning.

Green initiative, among many others that occupy the front pages of newspapers in this period, which also brings an economic advantage to those who embrace it: for every old lady costume, whole or bikini, which will be returned, there will be a discount 5 euros on the purchase of a new bikini. An interesting idea without any doubt.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am trying to show post after post how in NYC the bright color trend is a big thing. And colors have been showed off in various types of outfits, from shorts to shoes, from accessories to dresses. But a huge trend building up on the bright color trend is the asymmetrical skirt. Being quite an unusual fashion piece, an asymmetrical skirt is not easy to choose and not that easy to wear. Most of the ones I saw here in the streets of New York are pleated bright color skirts worn in a quite simple and easy way: bright asymmetrical skirt, a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals and a statement bag.

But I prefer asymmetrical skirts worn with high heels. This because the cut of the skirt would stand out to be very floaty thanks to the posture given by wearing high heels. Like dresses, skirts are one of the most feminine and elegant pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. I believe all of you would agree with me in saying that there are days when you want to feel special, girlish and feminine and wearing a skirt gives that additional non-so-che.

Monday, July 23, 2012,,20612242,00.html#21187624

I know it does not have anything to do either with Milan or New York. But it definitely has to do with the bright color trend. And with style. And if you have followed me on my blog up to now or my Pinterest board you would surely know I am a big fan of Kate Middleton's style. She is always impeccable in her choices, elegant, simple but never boring – always up to the last trend.

On July 19, 2012 the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a private showing of a photographic exhibition in occasion of the upcoming London Olympic Games. Kate wore a simple electric blue Stella McCartney’s Ridley Stretch dress, a piece from the designer’s fall 2012 collection. The bright electric blue form fitting dress is great in its super simple lines and its most distinctive feature is the darts on the outside of the fabric. The main accessories was a Olympic symbol recalling Cartier statement necklace. As usual, Kate has a inclination for subtly giving a nod to the occasion through her choices (blue in fact recalls the color of the UK Olympic uniforms). 

The piece is priced at $885 on the Stella McCartney US, but of course, as it happens with most of the outfits or accessories worn by Kate Middleton, it is no longer available on the UK McCartney site.

Not only Kate’s decision to wear a bright blue dress is following this Summer big hit trend, but wearing Stella McCartney makes perfect sense, as she designed Team GB’s Olympic uniforms.

And I came across this super detailed blog entirely dedicate on the daily Duchess's outfits:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I received a very specific fashion question from Camilla: What to wear and how to incorporate bright colors to a professional outfit for a conference she has to attend in New York in August?

And here is my answer, Camilla: I would keep it quite professional, but trendy at tasteful at the same time. For an occasion like a conference, interview or client presentation you really can't go wrong with a silky blouse— mid-length sleeves will add a little polish if you're wearing a skirt— and I would wear it in a neutral color (I suggest the basic white). The skirt should me in my opinion a basic color, too. I love the classic and endless black-and-white contrast. As it is summer you could opt for a light-weighed chiffon black skirt, effortless yes elegant. To add a pop of color, I would wear the trend in your accessories choice. I would personally go for a bright color bag toad a pop of color and incorporate the bright color trend we are all in love with!

To get a visual inspiration, I believe what Anna Kendrick wore at the High LineCoach Summer party was a great outfit and easily replicable.

Don’t forget the shoes! If you are choosing a bright color bag, you could follow two strategies from here. Either pairing a color-blocking shoe if you feel particularly bold! Purple or electric blue would be great as a color blocking contrast if you carry an emerald green bag. Otherwise you can opt for what Anna Kendrick chose, that is a neutral wedge – always classy. The shoe should be either a ballerina flat or a simple wedge over a stiletto shoe, simply because they're easier to run around in.

Camilla, I believe this outfit idea is great for your occasion and it is quite easy to replicate! What do you think? And if you go for it, please send me a picture of your outfit and we can share it on my blog! 
Enjoy J

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My best friend Benedetta in Milan is a true fashionista. She is always on top of every trend and as long as we have know each other, we have always shared the same taste in fashion and often bought the same clothes without even shopping together! As now we are living in two different cities, the way we can share our fashionable findings is sending pictures of our new purchases to each other and this blog is becoming quite handy also to share with other fashionistas as well.

The other day Benedetta sent me an email saying that she bought this fabulous pair of “sneaker heels” and I was curious to see the pic, and here it is!

A white sneaker with a neon pink pump drawn on it! I haven’t seen them worn here in NYC, but she told me that in Milan is becoming a trend. The brand  Be&D has introduced the “sneaker heel” that plays tricks on the eyes with a hot pink silhouette of a sexy stiletto along its side. Unlike other heel lace-ups, these shoes are actually real sneakers; meaning your feet will be planted safely on the ground at all times. Some might argue that Be&D is running along the same lines as faux evening wear, such as “à la tuxedo” T-shirts, but Benedetta and I like them a lot as a clever, clever, and fun alternative to this season's trend high fashion sneaker, featured in various fashion magazines as well

So, if you want to give a twist and not wear your colored Converse this summer, go for this fun pair of sneakers. The price is pretty affordable too, Be&D Brightlight Big City sneaker, $128, on You can view the Moda Operandi video below directed by Bettina Santo Domingo and including all the graphic-printed sneakers in the Be&D collection. Enjoy!

Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one.  A few days ago, I spotted this wearable T-Shirt dress in Soho. Its deep aquamarine color makes it very fashionable for this summer, even though it is a very simple fitted dress. It's super warm in New York right now and the ladys of the city are opting for relaxed and easy outfits, without giving up the bright color trend at all. This dress seems very comfortable and leightweighted, and I believe the T-Shirt cut makes it really fun. I like that to make the color of the dress pop out, she paired it with neutral accessories: a light brown leather bag and matching flat summer sandals. And not to freeze for the A/C in the office or whenever you enter in a store here in NYC, why not carrying with you a simple white summer jacket?

Monday, July 16, 2012

In my previous post about colorful flat sandals, Cécile asked me if I could pick some high street options that could be as trendy and fun. And here are my favorites:

This pair of flats is quite similar to the Balenciaga ones I bought, here I chose green, but it is offered in dfferent color as you would see from their website and the price is $79. The brand is Sam Edelman, a brand I discovered here in NYC. He is an American shoe designer and I believe his collection follow carefully the trends of each season, and then he adds a special "edgy" and "rock-and-roll" touch to it. He has a lot of celebrity fans, like rachel Bilson, Lauren Konrad and Kim Kardashian. And I found out that one of my favorite style icons, Kate Moss, is a huge fan, and I ran into this great yet wearable outfit with the designer's embellished flat sandals.

The next options are from TopShop, a brand that we all know of and has always great eclectic findings to add to our wardrobe. I selected two pair of flats. The first one here below is a coral greek-like chiffon sandals, which I believe are quite dramatic for a summer evening and very playful, even to wear with a simple jeans short, or a total white or black outfit.

This other pair is instead super simple and super chic, and recalls the Fiona Jimmy Choo Sandals i previously posted in yellow (but for your reference you can find the same style in gold as well). And the price is great, too: £10 on the UK website!
Chinese Laundry is another great brand and e-commerce to find budget-friendly shoes, but still very very fashionable. Here I chose the basics white and black sandals, at a very great price of $39.99.

Last but not least, my favorite pair of Aldo collection: a bright pink embellished T-strap sandal (in other colors as well), a style that  was seen on both Blake Lively and Solange Knowels. A colorful embellished sandals can add a little edge to every outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this selection!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I have been anticipating this trend in a couple of previous posts, but now the time has finally arrived to talk about Bright Color and Neon Sandals.

In New York everyone – and I am not exaggerating – is wearing flat sandals in every possible color and style. There are so many styles this season to choose from — two-strap, T-strap, ankle-wrap, and gladiator — so the trend here in NYC is to opt for a fun style with bright colors to celebrate the warm weather. Trending this season are attention-grabbing neon jelly sandals, to subtler classic thong sandals, tricolors sandals and T-straps.

Colored flat sandals are chic, comfy, and very versatile, and you can wear them anywhere: work, weekends, nights out, Sunday brunches, summer weddings… They work both for more casual outfits – like shorts and tank – and for more elegant ensembles – like long summer dresses. To prove it, here I a sharing with you my two recent purchases of the “flat sandal fever” – a trend that I am really enjoying a lot!

This above is my first purchase: Jimmy Choo’s Fiona Flat Sandals in bright yellow. I believe they are super chic and classic, with a very simple and elegant crossed design. I believe they really can be worn with anything and they can pull out also the most casual of the outfits.

For my second purchase I opted for very bold Baleciaga Eletric Blue Flats, adorned by the distinctive “studs” of the Giant Balenciaga bags. These sandals are really edgy and attention grabbing, but I love them!

What do you think? I would like to read your comments on this!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer has really arrived in New York, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Of course this means people are dressing very comfortably to bear the highest temperatures. In the streets I have been seeing everywhere tank tops, flat sandals and shorts. What I noticed is that a lot of ladies are ditching the classic jeans shorts for something a little different, and trendier. Colored shorts are a popular trend this summer – as we saw in my earlier post on colored jeans – and it’s really an easy trend to try.  

I love shorts paired with flat sandals, either neutrals (to focus more on the color of your clothes and giving the impression of a “longer” nude leg), or colored to bring an additional touch of color (contrasting or complementing with the rest of your ensemble). I personally don’t like shorts paired with high heels – sometimes it is just too much.

So here some ideas taken from what I saw in the streets in NYC on how to style a pair of colored shorts. The options are limitless. Here are three ideas to try, and let me know what you think about them.

1. Bright on bright
Pair your favorite colored shorts with a contrasting bright top. Add a neutral geometric or ethnic necklace and neutral flat sandals for a great and polished summer look. If you feel very bold, you could also add a third color block with accessories, shoes or a bright bag.

2. Color and print
You can easily pair your colored shorts with a fun, printed top: floral, stripes, leopard, geometric or any other print you might like to complement or clash with the color of your shorts. And don’t forget your flat sandals! 

3. Basic and color
I believe colored shorts paired with a classic jeans or white shirt or blouse is the quintessence of a stylish ensemble. I love simple and endless looks, and I believe this is the easiest and chicest to wear. We can go back to inspirations from the 60’s and 70’s fashion, to add a little vintage vibe. And again your favorite summer sandals and you are all set with a really polished look that looks great both as a daywear or evening wear.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yellow has tons of different shades. From canary yellow, to lemon yellow, from golden yellow to neon yellow. Designers have creatively played with yellow both in a fun and sophisticate way. Yellow is the color that recalls the sun and summer, and you cannot go wrong if you choose to wear it among the bright colors. It is not an easy shade to go for: you have to take into consideration your complexion, your hair color and choose the right yellow to avoid any style wrong step. In Soho, New York, I spotted this lovely yellow dress, stylishly paired with leopard ballet flats. I really think it is a easy yet trendy outfit. And today yellow, in a very pale and subtle nuance, was spotted on Duchess Kate as well. 
A regal trend, then.

In Milan, colors are not just for accessories: home decor as well is jumping into the bright color trend this summer. Here you can see one example of a white table in a home decor Milanese boutique, beautifully laid with dishes, glasses and cutlery in our favorite bright colors of the season: tangerine, red, acid green, purple. What I like the most is the fact that there is not a "one tone" approach with the white table, but they have used all the possible colors, clashing one against the other, but perfectly resembling the bright colors of the rainbow. I personally love bright color home decor, especially for the kitchen and bathroom, and when I moved to New York I really bought everything in different bright or neon color, and I love how the nuances perfectly complement each other in a bold home-color-blocking way. 

In April 2012 in Milan there was a very popular Home Design event, called Fuorisalone, which gathers interior designer, companies and simply home decor lovers in one of the most famous design districts of the city: via Tortona. This year I unfortunately missed it because I was here in New York, but I came across this comprehensive visual summary of the Fuorisalone event trends - and the brights and neon colors can be easily spotted.