Saturday, July 21, 2012

I received a very specific fashion question from Camilla: What to wear and how to incorporate bright colors to a professional outfit for a conference she has to attend in New York in August?

And here is my answer, Camilla: I would keep it quite professional, but trendy at tasteful at the same time. For an occasion like a conference, interview or client presentation you really can't go wrong with a silky blouse— mid-length sleeves will add a little polish if you're wearing a skirt— and I would wear it in a neutral color (I suggest the basic white). The skirt should me in my opinion a basic color, too. I love the classic and endless black-and-white contrast. As it is summer you could opt for a light-weighed chiffon black skirt, effortless yes elegant. To add a pop of color, I would wear the trend in your accessories choice. I would personally go for a bright color bag toad a pop of color and incorporate the bright color trend we are all in love with!

To get a visual inspiration, I believe what Anna Kendrick wore at the High LineCoach Summer party was a great outfit and easily replicable.

Don’t forget the shoes! If you are choosing a bright color bag, you could follow two strategies from here. Either pairing a color-blocking shoe if you feel particularly bold! Purple or electric blue would be great as a color blocking contrast if you carry an emerald green bag. Otherwise you can opt for what Anna Kendrick chose, that is a neutral wedge – always classy. The shoe should be either a ballerina flat or a simple wedge over a stiletto shoe, simply because they're easier to run around in.

Camilla, I believe this outfit idea is great for your occasion and it is quite easy to replicate! What do you think? And if you go for it, please send me a picture of your outfit and we can share it on my blog! 
Enjoy J


  1. Thanks so much Jennifer for your insightful recommendations! Besides that, I should be very flattered to have been dedicated a post in your authoritative blog! :-)
    Great minds think alike! I am totally on the same page with you, when you suggest a neutral/low profile palette of colors for the main outfit (I just thought a pair of trousers would suit better my case and make me feel more comfortable)and add, on top of that, a colorful swith to the whole mise. Coincidence is that I had in mind a bright green bag to complement either a light beige mise or a black one, which is so newyork-aise. I would be happy to send you a couple of pics to have your final approval! Thanks so much Ms. Minimno, you bet I'll stay tuned on your blog and will probably knowck at your door in a few weeks! -Camilla