Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am trying to show post after post how in NYC the bright color trend is a big thing. And colors have been showed off in various types of outfits, from shorts to shoes, from accessories to dresses. But a huge trend building up on the bright color trend is the asymmetrical skirt. Being quite an unusual fashion piece, an asymmetrical skirt is not easy to choose and not that easy to wear. Most of the ones I saw here in the streets of New York are pleated bright color skirts worn in a quite simple and easy way: bright asymmetrical skirt, a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals and a statement bag.

But I prefer asymmetrical skirts worn with high heels. This because the cut of the skirt would stand out to be very floaty thanks to the posture given by wearing high heels. Like dresses, skirts are one of the most feminine and elegant pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. I believe all of you would agree with me in saying that there are days when you want to feel special, girlish and feminine and wearing a skirt gives that additional non-so-che.


  1. love your asymetrical skirt. it has a perfect colour!!! and your shoes... i could die for your shoes!!!