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I know it does not have anything to do either with Milan or New York. But it definitely has to do with the bright color trend. And with style. And if you have followed me on my blog up to now or my Pinterest board you would surely know I am a big fan of Kate Middleton's style. She is always impeccable in her choices, elegant, simple but never boring – always up to the last trend.

On July 19, 2012 the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a private showing of a photographic exhibition in occasion of the upcoming London Olympic Games. Kate wore a simple electric blue Stella McCartney’s Ridley Stretch dress, a piece from the designer’s fall 2012 collection. The bright electric blue form fitting dress is great in its super simple lines and its most distinctive feature is the darts on the outside of the fabric. The main accessories was a Olympic symbol recalling Cartier statement necklace. As usual, Kate has a inclination for subtly giving a nod to the occasion through her choices (blue in fact recalls the color of the UK Olympic uniforms). 

The piece is priced at $885 on the Stella McCartney US, but of course, as it happens with most of the outfits or accessories worn by Kate Middleton, it is no longer available on the UK McCartney site.

Not only Kate’s decision to wear a bright blue dress is following this Summer big hit trend, but wearing Stella McCartney makes perfect sense, as she designed Team GB’s Olympic uniforms.

And I came across this super detailed blog entirely dedicate on the daily Duchess's outfits:

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