Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yellow has tons of different shades. From canary yellow, to lemon yellow, from golden yellow to neon yellow. Designers have creatively played with yellow both in a fun and sophisticate way. Yellow is the color that recalls the sun and summer, and you cannot go wrong if you choose to wear it among the bright colors. It is not an easy shade to go for: you have to take into consideration your complexion, your hair color and choose the right yellow to avoid any style wrong step. In Soho, New York, I spotted this lovely yellow dress, stylishly paired with leopard ballet flats. I really think it is a easy yet trendy outfit. And today yellow, in a very pale and subtle nuance, was spotted on Duchess Kate as well. 
A regal trend, then.


  1. As you said, yellow is not an easy color to wear for everybody. Given my complexion, I'm pretty sure I could never wear yellow :(
    But I compensate with other bright colors such as red ;)

    1. I know! and Red can look really great!

      Yellow is not an easy color, but what I am doing, as it is pretty popular especially here, is choosing yellow for some accessories. For example, here colorful flat sandals are a must, and I bought a pair of simple yellow sandals and they work fine with any more subtle outfit. For example, I like to wear them with jeans, shorts (white or black) and dresses (in complementary colors).

    2. Flat yellow sandals are a good idea! I could definitely wear those, especially with the outfits you describe. Thanks for the tip!