Saturday, July 28, 2012
Today is the day that in Milan everybody – and I literally mean everybody and the city becomes a “ghost city” for the entire month of August – goes in vacation, as it is the first weekend bridging into August. All my friends back in Milan are ready to leave for the beautiful beaches in Italy, or are already travelling to do so.

So, thinking about vacation time and tanning on the beach, I am thinking also about beachwear!

And in Milan everybody LOVES Calzedonia’s swimwear – which is unfortunately not available in the US. I have been a dedicated and loyal fan of their collections since they opened in 1986 in Italy and season after season they have become the most trendy, fashionable and successful Italian brand for hosiery and beachwear. So as I am not in Milan, I have missed my yearly Calzedonia’s beachwear shopping, but my mother was so nice to send me one J

Calzedonia Store - Corso Buenos Aires, Milan
Calzedonia’s beachwear for Summer 2012 is all about bright colors! My favorite collection is the one called “Raffy”, simple styles and young lines for an easy to wear bikinis to comfortably fit the body. Patterns are declined into three different models: push-up, bandeau (my all time favorite!) or triangle tops. And you can choose whatever color you prefer, as each pattern is offered in every color of the season. Raffy collection is a timeless trend for all women, with different body types, as you can mix and match different styles for top and bottoms and different sizes as well.

Calzedonia Store - Corso Buenos Aires, Milan
Below some examples of the swimwear collection for this Summer. It is not easy to find a definite one trend for the swimwear this summer, the brand likes to present various offers from bandeau bikinis (the most popular trend and I would say also the most comfortable for tanning), triangle bikinis, to more edgy paillettes bikinis. What do you think?
The bikini my mom sent me :)

The brand launched a campaign for this Summer to recycle old swimwear, in collaboration with "I: collect Ag", a company that operates in the field of environmentally compatible recycling.
Until June 30, all types of swimwear for men, women and children, regardless of brand - and not necessarily purchased from Calzedonia - would be revived in the form of insulating material for buildings, share rubbery carpets, upholstery. But even stuffing of toys, bags or rags for cleaning.

Green initiative, among many others that occupy the front pages of newspapers in this period, which also brings an economic advantage to those who embrace it: for every old lady costume, whole or bikini, which will be returned, there will be a discount 5 euros on the purchase of a new bikini. An interesting idea without any doubt.