Monday, June 4, 2012

And finally coming to NYC street style, this is the trend I have been noticing a lot around: long and short one-color-only dresses, paired with basic color accessories (black or brown), worn as a stand-alone or with another bold color.

You can hardly see women wearing this color trend in Milan, but here in NYC is pretty popular. I do love long strapless colored dresses. As a fashionista from Milan, I am not sure I would wear it back in my city (because of the basic chic rules I respectfully follow and that I talked in my previous posts!), but I am definitely going to give it a try here in New York. It seems so effortless and summery, and seeing colors worn like this really makes you wanna follow this trend.

Sometimes I feel a bit off-balance with my total neutral (still on the Milan time-zone) way of dressing, but I promise I will try!

Also InStyle in its Instant Stylist game features the trend I am exploring: colorful dress, in this case emerald green, accessorized with low neutral sandals, a complementary colored straw bag (yellow and blue), light blue scarf and a touch of gold with the long necklace. Would you wear it for a pool party (if the weather goes back to be warm and feels back to be in summer in NYC?)


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  1. Nice colour! in Italy this year you can find a lot of colour dresses too...but the meteo doesn't help