Saturday, September 29, 2012

NYC Uniform

NYC Uniform

Sandro Parka Linen Jacket  / DKNY leggings / Isabel Marant leather boots / Tory Burch ballet flats / Oasis leopard scarve, $32

I created this set on Polyvore that gives you an idea of what is the trend here on the streets. You can literally spot this look on a good number of ladys, age 25 to 35. I believe it is a great combination, easy to put together and pull it off in this first chilly days of Fall. When days get a bit cooler, I have noticed ladys trading the linen parka with a classic and never-out-of-style Barbour jacket. I was so surprised to see it worn here in New York! I remember wearing it as a must have piece back in Italy like 15 years ago! And at that time it was actually a status symbol.

What do you think of this ensable? Would you wear it? Would you change it? I love it - especially the ankle booties (which btw are a huge deal here in the city, as I will show you in the next posts). 


  1. I love wearing leggings, a kaki parka, a light scarf and ballerinas nowadays. However I'm not a huge fan of the leopard print (never was). As for ankle booties I know they're really trendy but I think you need to be either very skinny or tall (or both!) to pull it off.

    I'm so surprised Barbour jackets are worn in NYC! I found them so "old-school" and posh (we say "BCBG" in French: Bon Chic Bon Genre). I guess the preppy trend is inevitable...

  2. Hey Cécile!
    I was very skeptical about ankle booties, too. As you can imagine, here they don't give a d**n weather they look good or not, so everybody wear them :D
    I noticed that ankle booties with some heel (like the one I posted) look fine on petites like me. I am a huge fan of flat ballerina shoes, never wear heels during the day, but I have to say they look good.
    And yes, they wear Barbour!! I was surprised as well! I don't know in France, but in Italy it was very very people 15 years ago! but I noticed it is a big deal actually, both men and women go for it.
    Thank you for your comment!