Monday, September 10, 2012

a new quest.

I know I have been away for a while. But believe me, I really needed a vacation. I enjoyed my time off from school, travelling around the East Coast. But back to business, as it happens every season, every fashion week – actually every week to be completely honest – I have started gathering all the possible fashion magazines to see how the Fashion Authories are declining Fall 2012 fashion trends, that I already seen on runways in January. A perpetual exercise, season after season.

But, I won’t be talking much about FNO of FW here in NYC, nor Milan. It’s already done out there. Extensively. What I want to continue doing, as I did last Summer, is focusing on documenting and delving in the comparison between two of the most fashion capitals of the world, NYC and Milan, and how the trends of the Season are interpreted and pulled off – and who followed me in my journey during last Summer saw that the same trend can develop in totally different ways in the two cities.

This journey is really interesting to me. Personally, even though I have been living in NYC for 9 months, I cannot give totally up my Milanese fashion sense. What I am trying to do is to absorb the eclectic and scruffy-chic downtown vibe with my classic colors and never-out-of-fashion pieces of my trademark Milan style.

At this stage, my counterpart in Milan, Benedetta (who already participated in this blog and I thank her for the help she has given so far), is going to help me out in documenting and detailing even more what she sees and spots in Milan. So, we will be going back and forth between the two fashion capitals to actually get what’s going on, beyond the glossy magazines and personal style blogs. 

This is a documentary, a journey, an exploration on what is the definition of a trend on a runway or on a glossy fashion magazine, but how different metropolitan styles can develop a common way of styling distinctive of a city. We all follow a trend. Or more than one. Each of us. Even the most eccentric follows a group within the city he/she is leaving in. No BS. We all try to make it personal, and express ourselves (fashion=communication) trying to be unique, we always follow a rule. And we are the product of the city we live in. Iin Milan you can spot people from NYC right away; in overcrowded NYC Milanesi can be recognized instantly. Ever noticed that? I have.

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