Sunday, October 7, 2012

N/A in NYC...yet: COS by H&M

This sounds odd, right? a successful international brand that does not have a store yet in NYC? the fashion capital for definition? It can happen and I have an example.

I discovered this brand in Berlin (Germany) back in 2011. I was there for a week-end with my friends and, while we were sightseeing, we noticed the store on Friedrichstrasse and we decide it to enter, believing at first it was a local brand  I instantly liked the style: basic colors, simple, straight and sleek lines. At the register, I asked a sales person if she could tell me more about the brand and finally  I found out that is the "luxury brand" of H&M and it is named COS. COS stands for "Collection of Style" and was born in 2007. It counts 46 shops around Europe, and a new one opened in Milan.

While we are all accustomed to H&M high street and budget friendly fashion, COS is a luxury brand, where attention is given to selected materials and details. Of course prices would be a little higher, but nothing so shocking, since the low cost policy, it seems, is inherent in the DNA of the Scandinavian fashion group.

COS just opened doors before the Summer right in the Fashion District in Milan: a three floors 400 square meters shop - a mega store that is hosting its first autumn line. Benedetta sent me a few pics.

Just to have a feel of what the brand and its offering are like in other countries, I asked my friend Paola to send me some pics of the COS flagship store in Amsterdam.

I love the colors, the lines and the minimal's so me! As any successful fashion brand in Europe, I don't feel we will have to wait long to have a store here in the city. In the meanwhile, if you are in Europe you can shop online at


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