Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall trends in Soho

I have to be honest: I've had a hard time. Up to know I was not able to spot any particular trend, because the weather has been changing so much. It is one of those transitioning periods in the year when you can't spot a definite trend, because people don't know what to wear and mix up everything: summery clothes and jackets, jumpers or sweaters (whatever more suitable to keep warm if it gets chillier), sandals, Uggs or boots.

Today I wondered around Soho, because it was one of those New York-only beautiful sunny dry days and it was the first really cold day of the month, 11° Celsius. As you can read, I am still referring to Celsius for the temperature, the other table confuses me a lot and actually I am not putting a lot of effort to learn it!

Anyhow, I spotted this woman in Prince Street, and I believe she shows exactly the "scruffy chic" "non pretentious" trend of downtown New York. And the trend is basically this: total black, jacket, leather (leggings, jacket or pants), motorcycle boots, high street designer bag (possibly in a color that grabs attention), big scarf, Ray Bans. That's it. As simple as that. But Newyorkers are really good at this, because even though it is a really simple trend to put together, it is never ordinary. There is something in her outfit that makes her pull this trend in an edgy and not pretentious way. Would you wear it?


  1. Jennifer, I like your blog so I nominated you to the Liebster Award.
    Here is the link where you can find more about it!


  2. Hi Jennifer - Congrats on the Liebster Award!!!
    I love this "scruffy chic" look! I would probably add a statement making bag, and yes - I would wear this. I like the edgier sides of stylish and chic.
    I just "met" you over on IFB. And I am now following you! Thanks for the terrific article! :)

    1. Thanks Kat! IFB is great, right?! I am following you back on bloglovin, keep up the good blogging :)

  3. Nice post! I would wear this, too. Non pretentious but definitely stylish and so NYC. I like when you bring us pictures taken from the streets, it's that real point of view that makes your blog "special"! Keep bringing it to us!