Thursday, August 9, 2012

There is nothing better that getting style tips from a Fashion Insider.  And this week we are all  very very very lucky, because I had a not-to-miss Q&A with Silvia Bianchi, General Manager for Neil Barrett, Milan.

Take careful notes! And thank you Silvia for your precious suggestions!

Can you describe your personal style? I love mixing male style with sexy details. I like to find the right proportions in a look. Imagine your body divided in two parts: below and over your waist. If you show one part you have to cover the other.  I like to wear very short skirts with a shirt, or long pants with a sexy top. And I never forget high heels.

How does Milan inspire your day-to-day style? Milan is a great inspiration, it is always looking forward, a step ahead. Every day and night it is playful to find something special to wear and being different. Milan gives you the opportunity to show your personality and is very demanding: always surprise with clothes and accessories, never be ordinary.

How does your job inspire your style? I loved Neil Barrett's style even before starting working here. I am very lucky to work for a fashion brand that I love – a philosophy and a style can determine every choice here. At Neil Barrett the focus is in the details: details make the difference in a dress, in shoes, in your house and in your life.

What do you think about the current summer bold color trend? Are you wearing it? How are you wearing it?  It's a few season that the fashion world is talking about color blocking and unexpected colors. Designers are very playful about it. They are making bolder choices introducing electric blue, brilliant yellow and emerald green (my favorite color in our spring summer collection). It's easier to wear black or white to be ultimately elegant, but using colors in the right way is an interesting exercise in every season. I love yellow flat sandals, emerald green dress and a hot pink bikini.

How people in Milan are wearing this summer bold colors trend? In Milan nobody is afraid to wear something bold or colorful, but without crossing the line of elegance. Especially during Milan Fashion Week, people wear looks often more interesting than the ones showed on the runway! Designers and fashion blogger take inspiration by street style like a real red carpet.

What is/are the must-have pieces for this summer in Milan? This season offers wonderful geometric prints. The main theme is somewhat classic, but with a touch of bold. In winter the must was a Celine bag. This season everyone has chosen Stella McCartney or a bold colored clutch, funnier for a night out. During a summer day I would rather use big sized bags to carry everything for the city. I like to carry big bags at the beach as well to be always ready to go to a pool party! 

What are some of your favorite places to shop in Milan? And online? I like to go around the city to discover new shops and new brands. If you follow the trends of the top fashion brands, then you can play them out with the new talents. In Milan I like Clan Cafè in the Brera district, Antonioli in the Navigli district and Agent Provocateur at Rinascente. Online I opt for, and other main Italian brands’ online stores. And of course!

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